Each design is prepared to meet the specific project’s needs based on water availability and use requirements. 
We select the most effective equipment, methods and materials for the application. With over 10 years of combined experience, the latest computer technology  and  mapping, we maintain a superior standard of design. As a team, we pride ourselves in our training, expertise, and performance.
In addition to the installation and service work offered, IRRISAL provides the most up-to-date design and engineering services available to the industry. We utilize design programs that take water, soil and crop information to guide us to the optimum irrigation design. 
 When you choose company IRRISAL , you are guaranteed top quality and personalized service. The experience and advice we provide is free of charge.

The result: Getting the best value for your irrigation investment. 

210/1 Arshakunyats, Yerevan, Armenia
Tel: +374 99 000 559
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