Installation supervision differs from conventional installation in that in the first case, external workers are used, and our specialists act as consultants and assistants.
This is especially beneficial if you are an executor of landscaping or similar activities.
Depending on the scale of the facility, installation supervision includes up to three visits of our specialist to the facility.

The first visit of our consultants includes briefing, working out a plan, making clarifications, developing a plan-scheme of pipelines, explaining the basic requirements for connections.

The second exit is needed to monitor and verify the assembly of water mains. Then, joint work is carried out on the installation of automation of the irrigation system.

The next exit usually includes such activities as flushing the pipeline; tightness control.

And, when choosing a premium package, the installation of the head unit of the irrigation system is carried out by our specialist.

During the installation process, oral consultation is available at any time in unlimited quantities.





10 %


from the estimate


5-15 %


from the estimate

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